Domination Anal

By Billie Star Link to site
Original production
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Avatar Hussard

Wooooaaa! Nice indeed, just the right amount of domination without going too far! Well done!

Avatar martinebelo

Amazing scene, you can never go wrong having one of the prettiest face in porn doing anal. Plus it ends with my favorite, which is an anal creampie, so it's one of my favorite scene. I'm a bit sad Eden didn't beg for the creampie though, would have been even hotter! I hope you can do more scenes like that with top stars, hoping you could maybe have Tiffany Tatum now that she does anal? One can dream :)

Avatar petermc

Actually that’s not how LP works anymore us it. It’s just a bunch of separate studios now putting up content.

Avatar petermc

Incredible scene, probably a top 5 VR scene of all time for me! Pity you don’t do the piss scenes anymore as it would have been awesome extra punishment and we know what a piss lover Eden is! Regardless though, it was a superb anal scene with one of the top girls in all of porn. Loved the shoes on, the face slapping, the gaping. If I had one tiny critique, it would be that there wasn’t much face slapping during the sex parts of the scene, just the bj parts. Thank you though for this amazing scene.

Avatar petermc

I totally get why you don’t do them, it’s a pity though that you’re in that position. It would’ve been awesome in this scene. Maybe one day you’ll be able to get enough subscribers to be able to do your own thing. SLR do allow pee by the way, even peeing in the mouth, just not swallowing it. It’s still a brilliant scene though anyway. I’m going to start pestering Legalporno to work with you too! Maybe they could partner on those type of scenes?

Avatar sinsvr

Thank you for your comment... About the pee shoots, you know that we do not have the way to monetize this kind of shootings, this is how payment system blackmail our freedom...