Adult Swim

By 18VR Link to site
5K 32:00
  • Your swimming pupil, Stacy Cruz, has made some great progress over the past weeks. She's gone from early stage Titanic to graceful mermaid in no time, now Stacy wants to show you her moves. But damn, she forgot her swimsuit again and her only explanation is a cheeky naked giggle.

    Facepalm or not, Stacy jumps naked in the warm water to give you a show. But today, as her tiny nips harden, you understand she wants the lessons to be extended to the bedroom. So grab your VR headset and go teach some adult swimming lesson to your slutty pupil Stacy.

    Specifications 5K, 180°, 60 FPS
    Starring Stacy Cruz
    Studio 18VR | Link to site

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Avatar Hussard

This model, Stacy, is unbelievable. This video makes it into my top 5 video in terms of the attractiveness of the model. I thought the full scene was very sexy. The doggie style was pretty hot. The cowgirl and missionary were excellent. I like how, in the missionary, she eventually propped herself up on her elbows and leaned closer. That provides the best perspective. I just wish missionary had gone on a little bit longer... but perfection is maybe not from this world!?

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