Anal Amazone

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7K 42:03
  • Oops, South America did it again, thank God, the millenial babe Mell's Blanco is out of the box... So be ready to meet a sublime example of five-star Bolivian pussy. Mell's is beyond perfection. One look at her, and you'll lose your heart - guaranteed.

    Mell's is actually living in Medellin, Colombia, another one of our favorite latinas dark-eyed brunettes. Sometimes appearing somewhat timid, she always leaves an impression that's studded with pure fire and charisma. A petite athletic frame with a peachy ass and small perky tits, Mell's has that sexy latina accent. And have you seen those heart-shaped lips when she talks? She must have been crafted by Michael Angelo himself.

    Mell's only began shooting porn last year, but she's already got an impressive filmography. With her skills in the pussy licking and cock sucking department it's no surprise, and she has given her lucky viewers diverse content from POVs to fetish scenes, including LP content. Watching her sucking you cock with those pouty lips and looking right in her deep-dark eyes is of course, pure bliss. So grab your VR headset and lose yourself to sublimeness with Mell's Blanco.

    Specifications 7K, 180°, 60 FPS
    Starring Mell's Blanco
    Studio SinsVR | Link to site

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Avatar petermc

Nice scene, not super into braces but she is super cute. Was worried when I saw the standing doggy but you included proper doggy too so all good. Can I request more ass spreading in the anal scenes. Looked great when she reaches back to spread her ass but would like it to continue at times during the sex, not just when gaping or even have the guy do it for her. At one point she had her ass fully spread and his dick was right by the hole, it looked amazing but unfortunately she let go before he put it in.