Badass with a good ass

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5K 45:38
  • badass woman stands up for herself, she is confident, and is not afraid to challenge the hierarchy, the patriarchy, or conventional thinking.”

    Nelly Kent is unafraid of showing her emotions and is fearless when it comes to showing the world that she oozes sex appeal. Don’t get me wrong – this sexy beauty is hot enough that you’d gladly pay whatever you’d need to view her fantastic body and gorgeous face.

    She’s got a very dirty mind, insatiable lust, and smoking hot body to guarantee her a place in the legendary VR PORN kingdom of pro stardom.  And one thing is for sure, you will be dizzy from the constant blood flow to your cock.

    She’s a brunette beauty with a sweet face, who also has a dark glint in her eye’s that speaks to her filthy mind. She shows off all the parts of her body that she knows you will love – her ass, her Big tits and her tight pussy.

    Specifications 5K, 180°, 60 FPS
    Starring Nelly Kent

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