Pussy Patrol

By VRP Films Link to site
5K 37:26
  • Many of you have most likely seen Kasia Star having her ass filled up in a porn scene, but this scene is her first Virtual Reality one shot specvifically for VRPFilms.

    Kasia is a real naughty girl and she knows perfectly well how to prepare your  dick for some horny fun, she will work on it with her slutty mouth and make it all wet - on behalf of this pussy patrol movie. Do not delay any minute longer and start having fun together with Kasia in one of the most memorable VR porn videos in the VRPFILMS release history. 

    You will feel like you are in the room with Kasia Star, so sit back, relaxand  enjoy the wank of a life time with your VR headset on.

    Specifications 5K, 180°, 60 FPS
    Starring Kasia Star

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