Fourtunate Circumstances

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Avatar Hussard

That is for sure an epic scene

Avatar Jim

Agree on that :)

Avatar g2kbuffetboy

Quite literally one of the BEST multi-girl scenes EVER CREATED! I've watched this scene so many times it is unspeakable lol. Love every one in this cast and it was filmed so well. So much in-your-face action. I live for the day when this scene can be replicated again!!!

Avatar g2kbuffetboy

But I agree, it was the perfect chemistry of the 4 women and the crew that made this scene special. But I believe you can do it again!!! Please try <3

Avatar g2kbuffetboy

Well I can surely help if you need someone to think of castings or scenario =))))))) ahahah

Avatar sinsvr

Lets start to think about this replicate :) but... thats a challenge, the success was the symbiose between the models... and us :)