Ginger Anal

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Avatar petermc

This was a nice scene but if I could make one request for all the anal scenes it would be for the girls/directors to make sure, in doggy, their asshole is pointing up towards the camera so we can see the dick in her ass. Girls often seem to kneel up so their asshole points down or lean left/right to look over their shoulder so asshole points away from the camera that way. Maybe lose the back cushion you use to prop them up and let them bend fully over and arch their ass up.

Avatar petermc

My other slight issue with anal scenes is that, when girls go into reverse cowgirl you seem to often have them go sideways on or have one leg up and one down (can’t remember if it happened in this particular scene). Again I prefer just a nice straight view of the girls ass in all it’s glory with the dick in it. Just talking anal scenes again here, not worried what happens in the other scenes.