Miss "Perfect boobs"

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Avatar sinsvr

Actually, I was looking at the project of the design we had and the "Highlighted scene" was there, but it is missing in the final version, we will correct this... I was always surprised that in most sites some of their bests is burried in some back pages...

Avatar MrBluesky

Why are so many scenes from a year or two ago being presented as new? This scene was released, in this format, March 30, 2021. Hook & Gape, Premiere, Teeny Trap to name a few aren't new so why are they presented as such?

Avatar topperporn

These scenes need a new tag indicating they are repeats as some of us choose to download the scenes to keep and don't want dupes of very large video files.

Avatar sinsvr

Actually, you are right, and I apologize, it is written "New" and that is a mistake that we will correct as soon as the IT team can do it.

Avatar sinsvr

We do not present them as new (where is that written?), we highlight them because we can see from stats that new comers are not digging in the older content, so we regularly bring in the front some content that we judge worth being "high-lighted"