Slutty Gets Pounded in Gym

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8K 49:52
  • My three friends and I work out at the gym regularly. It’s a small gym, and usually, we are alone there and can focus on performing the exercises the right way without getting disturbed.

    This time, sexy Alicia Trece joined us in the hope of getting back into shape. She was a novice and didn’t know much about working out, so she asked us for help. We were more than happy to help such a stunning cutie and show and tell her everything she needed about performing this or that exercise. Alicia Trece listened to us very carefully and even asked us to help her do the abdominal crunches. Sure, it was so pleasant to help the hottie, but we needed some feedback from her.

    We thought it wouldn’t be easy to convince Alicia Trece to pause the workout and become a star in a crazy Orgy but, to our surprise, the cutie gladly took our dicks into her talented hands, deep throat, and stretched holes. Oh, it was a Group workout to remember for a lifetime!

    Specifications 8K, 180°, 60 FPS
    Starring Alicia Trece

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