Teen Anal - Megan

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7K 54:28

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Avatar petermc

Very nice anal scene, doggy style was well done and nice reverse cowgirl too. Would love to see some variation on the finishes for these scenes though. Seems to be always laying down for the finish whether it be creampie or external cumshot. Would love to see these girls take a traditional facial cumshot with the guy standing up and the girl on her knees taking it all over her face. Or even a titfucking cumshot on her tits. Watching a guy cum on himself isn’t great.

Avatar petermc

I don’t want you to feel I’m always complaining. This was a really nice scene and definitely a keeper. The cumshot thing is just something that occurred to me that your scenes always seem to finish in that laying down position. You’re not alone in that though, it seems to be something done a lot in VR.