X-men / Selene Gallo

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  • We’ve made a lot of VR cosplay porn over the years, but our XXX Selene Gallio stands about the rest. Today, Selene has come to visit you with a proposal. She wants to form a secret society chock-full of powers and high fashion - the Hellfire Club. Sounds good in practice, but doesn’t uniting a bunch of powerful mutants and villains sound like a recipe for disaster? Well that may be.

    But when Selene, played by Katy Rose, proposes that the two of you be King and Queen, the deal sounds a little sweeter. It doesn’t stop there though, she’s ready to offer you her asshole to seal the deal. How’s that sound? Today, Sebastian, you become the leader of the Hellfire Club, but you also dip your dick in the tightest super asshole in the whole X-men universe.

    Grab your Oculus Go or Quest and jump into the hottest VR cosplay porn scene to date.

    Specifications 5K, 180°, 60 FPS
    Starring Katy Rose

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Avatar martinebelo

While this scene is great, we really need a "XSinsVR style" anal scene with her :)