Alyssia Kent

Alyssia Kent

Alyssia Kent

Alyssia Kent is at



88B - 58 - 91



Weight / Height

48Kg / 167 cm

Hair / Eyes

Brunette / Brown


So much to see and so little time... you might have all day with Alyssia Kent, but even if you had a whole week it wouldn't be enough time to experience every last pleasure that her body has to offer.

Follow Alyssia from place to place as she gets up to not good and show you just what a bad girl she can be for you! From her waking-up in the morning, to her breakfast when he cannot resist to eat juicy strawberries to stroke her pussy, than to the shooting make-up, followed by a 3d/photos shooting, to a walk in the garden, and to finsh the day bz the indoor pool... , You'd be crazy to turn down the chance to experience that perfect tits in virtual reality, and we can speak from experience, she's not he sort of girls that's going to wait around for you in one spot all day...

Grab your VR heatset, and enjoy the day with Alyssia Kent...

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