Emily Meyers

Emily Meyers

Emily Meyers

Emily Meyers is at



88 (B) - 62 - 92



Weight / Height

57 kg / 174 cm

Hair / Eyes

Brunette / Brown


Born in 1999 in remote Russia, Emily Meyers is still a new comer in the adult Business and she still need to forge herself an identity as a pornstar.

And she is finally coming to our VR headsets, this hottie is all smiles. Working with her on set is like spending time with an old friend. She’s nothing but laughs and good times. Oh also, did we mention she’s hot as fuck? Emily’s booty is truly a sight to behold: flawless. Her figure is perfect for the teeny-style lovers, and is just about enough to give you a heart attack while watching her ride a dick in VR, which is an experience that everyone should have - it’s God-given right. 

But why listen to me? Grab your VR headset and introduce yourself to the hottest little thing to ever come out of Russia: Emily Meyers

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