Emma Hix
Emma Hix

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86B - 64 -86



Weight / Height

48 Kg / 165

Hair / Eyes

Blond / Hazel/Gold


Emma Hix isn't a Jack of all trades, she's a Queen of all trades. Her blowjobs are sloppier than your elementary school lunches, her pussy latches to phalluses autonomously, and her mouth is as filthy as my college dorm room. She really is a master of all things sexy.

Emma has been gracing our screens with her boner-inducing performances for a little over a year now and we've had our eyes on her for a while now. With the Millenial generation came Instagram, and Emma Hix is one of those girls who just gets it. Her profile is chock-full of tasteful bikini, travel, and beach shots all expertly curated to divert more and more vitality to your dick as you scroll further down her feed. She looks like one of the girls that you would have always been too much of a pussy to even speak to in high school because she's just too damn beautiful.

That being said, there's much more to this rising starlet than meets the eyes. She's got a kind soul and helps raise donations for disaster relief through Twitter, she's got a great sense of humor, AND she plays the piano - I don't mean she just plays Chopsticks, no, she can actually play and compose her own original music.

There's really nothing this girl can't do. If you've never before laid eyes on this Canadian's cooch, you're in for a treat. Take a look at Emma social profiles and you'll see exactly what we are talking about.

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