Eveline Dellai

Eveline Dellai

Eveline Dellai

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84A - 63 - 86


Czech Republic / Italy

Weight / Height

46 Kg / 161 cm

Hair / Eyes

Brunette / Brown/Green


With a pussy that purrs like a Ferrari, Italian born Eveline Dellai makes up one half of the increasingly famous Dellai twins. Contrasting her sisters less organic appearance, Eveline has avoided the tattoo shop all her life and has kept her small 32 AAs totally natural.

Most commonly found fucking alongside her sister, you might think that the twins would get somewhat competitive at work, but that’s not the case. The two are perfectly democratic when it comes to sharing cock and thanks to good old family values, they’re always sure to equally distribute a load like it’s the last piece of tiramisu.

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