Evelyn Claire

Evelyn Claire

Evelyn Claire

Evelyn Claire is at



81A - 71 - 91


USA - Washington

Weight / Height

56 Kg / 167 cm

Hair / Eyes

Brunette / Blue


Evelyn Claire’s career began back in 2017 when she debuted on Vixen. An immediate hit, Evelyn has been shooting pretty much non-stop ever since.

For her first two years in the industry, she was an independent producer - she focused much of her time on camming and indie productions. In 2019, she signed with Spiegler and really hit the big time. Her group sex and interracial scenes are truly to die for. Ms. Claire grew up studying the dramatic arts, this translated very well into her professional life as she now excels in just about all forms of role-play.

At twenty-three-years-old, she knows enough about the world to be a sexy, confident woman. But there’s also an air of innocence about her which is undeniably attractive. Speaking of undeniably attractive - Evelyn’s body is all-natural. She’s got perky little A cup titties, an amazing ass, and stunning facial features. She has a handful of tiny tattoos on her flawless ivory skin and her incredible blue eyes will have you smitten in no time.

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