Jayla de Angelis

Jayla de Angelis

Jayla de Angelis

Jayla de Angelis is at



80 B - 62 - 89


Poland - liing in Madrid (Spain)

Weight / Height

50 Kg / 164 cm

Hair / Eyes

Blond / Blue


Jayla de Angelis was born in Poland but moved to Spain in Madrid where the climat is far more pleasant with the sun and the sweet climat. Jayla is a feminine girl that is driven to succeed, and her  personality assures that she can be assertive when she needs to be.

Her first try to start her porn career was in late 2020. She had decided that  shooting porn scenes, handled with the right head management for a career will prepare her a nice outcome for the future. In her career, she is exclusive for Anal wih a well known French producer. From the outside she is a beautiful pale blonde with blue eyes…

Jayla is always herself. Authentically cute, pleasant and sexy.  She is very opened when it comes to sexuality. She is ready to try almost everything. In her private life, she likes hanging out with her friends, cooking and partying. Totally a fun girl to be around. We are sure you’re gonna love the scenes with her.

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