Lenna Ross

Lenna Ross

Lenna Ross

Lenna Ross is at



86 (B) - 64 - 89


Czech republic

Weight / Height

48 Kg / 163 cm

Hair / Eyes

Brunette / Brown


Some people feel bored from time to time but dark-haired Lenna Ross knows how to entertain herself even when she is home alone. She has a lot of friends and hobbies and she can always master her sex skills, for example. Lenna "loves the ladies" and she always enjoyed public displays of affection with her girlfriends. At University, she used to make out with all her hot housemates and when she got super popular on campus, she decided to go pro, and share her sexuality with the world.

As you understood, Lenna is a very resourceful hottie who is gifted with a huge desire to enjoy as many pleasures as it is possible, and she is kin to show you her skills, either for blow-job, or for sex, pussy or ass... 

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