Lilly Bella

Lilly Bella

Lilly Bella

Lilly Bella is at



80B - 61 - 84


Czech Republic

Weight / Height

456 Kg / 161 cm

Hair / Eyes

Blonde / Grey/Blue


Lilly Bella is a very young blond model from the Czech Republic. This amazing beauty has a great future to follow in her well known mother’s footsteps. Her definition of amazing sex is to be with a man which she loves with a vibrant chemistry between them.

About herself, Lilly says: "I am a very cheerful girl. I have a great life and I like to be of service to others to make their day brighter. I try to do something for myself every day, so I always feel healthy and special. My favorite things are reading, writing poetry and walking around my city!.

About sex, her favorite sex position is doggy, and when she masturbates, she relaxes, switches off and just enjoys the sheer pleasure of the moment. Lilly dream was to have sex on the beach, which thanks to her work, has already become reality.

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