Liv Wild
Liv Wild

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84 (C) - 64 - 89


Panama city - Panama

Weight / Height

52 Kg / 157 cm

Hair / Eyes

Hazel / Brown


There's a lot to say about Liv Wild. Born in Panama City, this dark and mysterious five-foot-two babe is brand new to the industry - in fact, it hasn't even been six months yet! Now just twenty years old, Liv is at the beginning of something beautiful.

From the few clips you can find on tube sites, it's easy to tell that she's going to be a massive success. With her luxurious black hair, a symmetrical face and deep dark eyes, and an insatiable appetite for dick, she's got all the hallmarks of a classic porn star success story.

Liv's body is all-natural. She maintains a perfectly groomed, geometrically sound equilateral triangle of bush which gives her an extra err of innocence. You won't find a drop of ink or a piece of metal anywhere on her. Instead, you'll find a canvas of deliciously smooth olive skin that will turn you and your dick into a regular Jackson Pollock. Paint that canvas. Liv is just as happy eating pussy as she is feasting on a phallus and she does both extraordinarily well. For being so new to the industry, she sure has a filthy mind. Her dirty talk is guaranteed to rev your engines and when she's cum-swapping with one of her gal pals and looking you right in the eye, you will forget the meaning of innocence.

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