Lumi Ray
Lumi Ray



34C - 24 - 32


United States

Weight / Height

50 Kg / 160 cm

Hair / Eyes

Red / Blue


We've been waiting for Lumi Ray to bless our headsets with her presence for some time now. This cute all-American redhead has only been shooting since early 2022, but her popularity is absolutely exploding.

If you take just one glance at her, you'll realize why. She's got the most perfectly perky and natural C cup tits you've ever seen which are crowned by the cutest little Hershey kiss nipples. Lumi emerald green eyes, gorgeous smile, and tight physique come together to make her an absolute weapon in the VR porn game.

This girl can suck dick just as well as she eats pussy and her riding skills are absolutely on point. Her skin itself is an artist's tapestry, hosting a number of delicate tattoo designs in just the right places. All in all, Ms. Ray is truly a ray of sunshine.

Grab your Quest 2, Go, or Vive and stream or download her immersive VRporn experience in 180 degree 7K stereoscopic virtual reality!

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