Luna Corazon

Luna Corazon

Luna Corazon

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Weight / Height

54 Kg / 172 cm

Hair / Eyes

Brown/Chesnut / Brown


About herself, Luna Corazon says: “ I am a native Brazilian performer in the Adult Industry well known as Luna Corazon or Luna S2, which is just a easier way to write Luna Corazon, since Corazon, means Heart in Spanish S2. Well, I refer myself as an Adult Industry Performer, because is too generalist if I just say that I am Porn Actress. You might just think ” oh! she is just another Porn Star! So What? I do pretty much of everything in my life: I use to be a Go Go Dancer, a Singer, I still been a Model, Stripper, Writer, Gamer, College Student, World Traveler and to end my list I do PORN! Being a sex-worker is a very fine job :D “And we have to confirm, Luna has all the goods to stimulate a hard one in your pants: cute smiling attractive face, stunning bodies with round firm boobs (and...Wouaaa!!!, the nipples of Luna, I would play with these...), a very well shaped ass, hot warm juissy pussy, a top of sex appeal, and a huge knowledge how to please a man or a girl! Don't miss Luna, grab your head-set, and enjoy intimate moments with this amazing girl!

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