Mina Von D.

Mina Von D.

Mina Von D.

Mina Von D. is at



35D-24-35 / 90D-60-90



Weight / Height

52 Kg / 167 cm

Hair / Eyes

Red / Brown


Mina Von D is a tall and beautiful red hair girl from Spain who possesses a lot of sex-appeal and know how to use it,  for Mina, flirt is a second nature! 

Mina is a woman who enjoys the simple things in life! She is fond of travels and always appreciates a good meal! She is also a big fan of Rock music, which fits perfectly with her personality! Another passion of Mina is sex! It may be  just a part of her job, but it only makes her enjoy it more! and with her stunning body enhanced with C cups firm boobs, and a pretty face crowned by red hair, and lit by deep brown eyes, you can be sure that you will enjoy her skills for sex...

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