Sasha Rose

Sasha Rose

Sasha Rose

Sasha Rose is at



85C / 60 / 82


Russian Federation

Weight / Height

48 / 163

Hair / Eyes

Black / Brown


It's not a joke, we know eastern european girls can be the most beautiful and sexual in the world. 

Maybe that's why Sasha Rose is so Hot! Imagine her perfect body, her exquisite features and a look that could not be matched in your wildest dreams. But so you know the real Sasha is an animal lover. She just started horse-riding lessons.

Sasha also paints and reads when she's not modeling. About herself, she says: "I love to draw and I am studying at the art institute to be a professional artist. To me, creating something new and interesting is my true passion. I like going on a nice walk, dancing, and meeting new and interesting people."

If her country weren't so poor she might be a student at Columbia in NYC, she's that smart. Girl from Saint Petersburg, Sasha is now looking for an American sponsor to help her follow her dreams. But in the meantime Sasha will keep showing you what makes you smile (and more!) until then...

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