Scarlett Mae

Scarlett Mae

Scarlett Mae

Scarlett Mae is at


34 B - 26 - 36


USA (Ohio)

Weight / Height

48 Kg / 165 cm

Hair / Eyes

Red / Brown


They say that Ohio is not the most exciting place in the world. But, if there's one thing that they do have in Ohio, it's babes, and they've got them in spades. Take Scarlett Mae, for example, this twenty-two-year-old red-headed slut is a prime example grade A midwestern ass.

Standing at a lofty five-foot-ten, Scarlett has some of the prettiest legs you've ever seen. Those things are so long that if you tried to look up her skirt, there might be some low-lying clouds obstructing your view. If you were wondering why she chose Scarlett as her stage name, then you oughtta reassess your observation skills. They say that redheads have more fun, and Scarlett is living proof of that. This girl truly loves what she does and that shows in every one of her performances.

When she's riding a dick, she can barely contain her excitement. Scarlett has beautifully symmetrical C cup titties and ass that pretty much permanently has a handprint on it. When you look into her deep dark eyes, you'll hear angels sing, and those very same angels will pump vitality into your dick as they sing lewd choruses - gloria in excelsis Scarlett. Grab your headset and introduce yourself to the one and only Scarlett Mae.

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