Shrima Malati

Shrima Malati

Shrima Malati

Shrima Malati is at



32B-22-34 / 85B-56-86



Weight / Height

48 Kg / 157 cm

Hair / Eyes

Brunette / Brown


Shrima Malati is a pretty lady with an interesting personality, a complete personality, a lady of integrity and grace, charm and class.

Shrima likes to help people and see them happy, she likes all that is beautiful. She knows that only beauty will save the world, so Shrima likes to have beautiful things around her. She loves books, souvenirs and dolls as they put her at ease. She reads a lot and do like French Litterature. Shrima likes psychology as it helps her to read people and find common language even with those who seem to be unreachable. Music is her passion. She writes poems and lyrics and has a dream to learn to play the piano to be able to write music for the lyrics she writes. She also takes classes in singing and belly dancing. 

And more of all, Shrima is tender and sexy, romantic and passionate, and she loves sex, and she is very skilled at it...

So do not waist time and grab your VR headset to enjoy Shrima Malati virtual company...

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