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Avatar Hussard

Loved this one, so many positions! What a woman 😀

Avatar petermc

Lots of positives about the scene but unfortunately the lack of doggy style means it's not a keeper for me. It's the one position that should always be included in an anal scene imo. It's super frustrating that every other position was included and shot well on the bed but a choice was made to have her standing up when fucking her from behind instead of having proper doggy style which looks so much better.

Avatar petermc

I do understand why VR companies shoot standing doggy so much as it's easy. If the girl is blowing the guy, as in this scene, she can then just stand up and turn around and you don't have to move the guy or camera rig so you get doggy done quick and easy. The issue is that, whilst it's quicker and efficient, it's much less aesthetically pleasing to look at than proper doggy style. Maybe pull a chair over and have her kneel on that so you still don't have to move the rig but get proper doggy on all fours?

Avatar petermc

It's your choice obviously but Amazone is a version of cowgirl, not sure what that has to do with doing doggy style or not. Seems more like choice was made to do standing doggy for ease rather than proper doggy and it's really no substitute. Ivy made it look better than most but doggy style is the position that shows off the girls ass the most and standing doggy just doesn't do that nor does it give a great view of the penetration.

Avatar sinsvr

Comments noted, my choice went to the Amazone position, instead of the doggy...