French Bush

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Original production
7K 50:05

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Avatar martinebelo

Petermc will hate me for this but I actually prefer when the girl looks at the camera. Really liked this scene, and liked she spoke in french a lot in this scene. Glad we finally get an anal scene with her in VR, because all her previous scenes (for other site) were vanilla. Thanks a lot for booking her. Although since she seems naughty, was hoping for an anal creampie and her begging for it in french rather than "cum on bush" but I'm sure it's just my preference :)

Avatar petermc

In most positions, especially the face to face ones, I definitely like the girl to be looking at me. In doggy though, I just think it looks awkward. Doggy is more about animalistic fucking than intimacy for me. Look back from time to time though to keep the connection but not constantly. Just my opinion though.

Avatar petermc

Thanks for the new anal scene. If I could just offer one small opinion, it’s that I don’t need the girl to keep constant eye contact in doggy style. I like to see the ass up in the air and curve/arch of the woman’s back rather than her twisting her body sideways so she can look back at me. Look back occasionally yes to keep contact but not the whole time.

Avatar petermc

Thanks for trying. You do manage to get a decent doggy position in many scenes. It’s difficult to get though if the girl is constantly having to twist her body sideways to look back at the camera.

Avatar sinsvr

Last week in production, we tried... BUT most of the girls cannot put/bend ass up... not so easy, always trying :/