Zazie Skimm

Zazie Skimm

Zazie Skimm

Zazie Skimm is at



34A-23-34 / ~86-58-86



Weight / Height

48 Kg / 164 cm

Hair / Eyes

Blond / Blue


Despite being a student at the local university who's never had modelling experience, Zazie Skimm warmed up quickly to cameras when an amateur started snapping photos of her beautiful body. Very fast, she relished in the attention shooters were giving her, and as our lovely blonde started to feel more comfortable in front of the cameras, she quickly get into all kind of nude actions and is now a well-known erotic/porn model...

Zazie Skimm now has a very rich and successful career of only three years, during which she has collaborated with some of the most notable porn productions and websites. It’s your lucky day, because Zazie is all yours here at SinsVR! So grab your VR headset and go enjoy the sweet Zazie Skimm and her never ending hunger for sexual pleasures.

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